A Week of Aging, Authenticity, Acoustics and More on Spreecast!

The questions that were addressed this week offered plenty of insight and inspiration for a variety of interests, from music to making decisions to mastering your spiritual life.

In case you missed a beat, here are our Top 10 Picks of the Week on Spreecast!



TBGWT on Authenticity

#10. Karen and Rod: “You Need to Be as Authentic As Possible…”

The co-hosts of ‘TBGWT’ offer advice for aspiring podcasters or anyone who is looking to host their own talk/entertainment show, emphasizing the importance of authenticity. Watch the clip here.


Anick Gervais LIVE on Spreecast

#9. Anick Gervais on the Positive and Negative Aspects of Life.

Spiritual Coach and Reiki Master Anick Gervais reminds viewers to be thankful for the good things in life and to open yourself up to love. Watch the clip here.


NYPD 112th Precinct LIVE on Spreecast

#8. NYPD 112th Precinct Selects a Winner of Twitter Contest!

Captain Thomas J. Conforti of the NYPD 112th Precinct discusses their efforts to engage with their community utilizing social media and announces the winner of their special Twitter contest! Watch the clip here.


Reality Steve LIVE on Spreecast

#7. Reality Steve on Betrayal, Spoilers and a Tell-All Book.

Reality Steve discusses whether he would write a tell-all book and what would be at stake if he ever did. Watch the clip here.


Mistakes That Aging Parents Make When Choosing a Trustee

#6. Mistakes That Aging Parents Make When Choosing a Trustee.

John F. Wilfore Jr. (CPA/PFS, CFP®, Director at AGH, LLC) and Patrick Norris, Esq. (Founder of LegalEeze.com and Partner at Atlanta Law Group) discuss some of the big mistakes that aging parents make when naming a trustee along with advice for how to make the decision. Watch the clip here.


Bomani Jones on OJ Simpson, Race in Amerca

#5. Bomani Jones on the OJ Simpson Trial 20 Years Later.

The Evening Jones host Bomani Jones takes on a viewer question regarding race in America 20 years after the OJ Simpson trial. Watch the clip here.


Your Guitar Sage LIVE on Spreecast

#4. Your Guitar Sage Plays Variations of Common Chords.

Erich Andreas aka “Your Guitar Sage” plays a series of common chords and demonstrates how changing the order also changes the sound and feel of the song. Watch the clip here.


Dow Jones on Private Equity in Secondary Markets

#3. Record Year for Private Equity in Secondary Markets.

Adams Street Partners’ Troy Barnett, HarbourVest Partners’ Brett Gordon and Cogent Partners’ Andy Nick discuss why they believe 2014 will be a record year for private equity overall and for their firms. Watch the clip here.


The Importance of Having a Literary Agent, Lawyer

#2. Linda Sivertsen on the Importance of Having an Agent, Lawyer

Authors Linda Sivertsen and Danielle LaPorte describe the role of a literary agent as well as a lawyer, and explain why they are so important to your book’s success. Watch the clip here.


Marcus Miller LIVE on Spreecast

#1. Marcus Miller on the Greatest Lessons He Has Learned.

Bass guitarist Marcus Miller reveals the greatest lesson he learned from jazz icons including Miles Davis and Freddie Hubbard. Watch the clip here.


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