Goodbye From Spreecast


To our Spreecast users,

I recently made the difficult decision to shut down the Spreecast product.

We originally launched Spreecast in late 2011 as a destination for people all over the world to connect and converse about shared interests, current events and educational topics. Many different people and companies gave Spreecast a try and some became habitual users. Over time, we had a diverse group of users including life coaches, podcasters, media companies, think tanks, social groups, religious groups and celebrities. In the end, however, we were not able to make Spreecast a viable business.

I want to thank all of you for your patronage and support. It was a great honor to serve you all. For those of you who are still using Spreecast, I am sorry to let you down.

We will be shutting the site down on July 14, 2016. Prior to this date, you will see some other changes. For example, in the coming days we will be removing the ability to create new Spreecast events and we will be canceling all events that are scheduled to occur after July 14. If you already have events scheduled between now and July 13, you’ll still be able to use Spreecast.

You will be able to download all of your archived Spreecast events free of charge by clicking on the download links we have provided as follows. To access your download links, go to your account settings (account settings can be found in the drop-down menu when clicking on your profile image in the upper right hand corner of the homepage) and then go to “my spreecasts.” When you hover over each event, you’ll see a button highlighted blue that says “download video.” If you’re already on our Influencer plan, this will look familiar. You can also download by clicking into the event page. There will be a blue banner at the top of the page with a link.

If you are a subscriber and do not have any events scheduled, please log into Spreecast and cancel your subscription. If you do have a Spreecast event scheduled between now and July 13, feel free to stay on your current subscription until your event at which point we would encourage you to cancel your subscription. Regardless of any cancellations, we will be cancelling all subscriptions on July 14 and refunding pro-rata payments so that all subscribers were not charged for service beyond today.

I want to thank you for your support and tell you how much we’ve enjoyed having you as a customer. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions.

Goodbye for now,

Jeff Fluhr, CEO

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@Stanford Engineering Opportunity Job Fair – Visit us at Table 17!

Calling all engineers who want to work for an exciting SF-based startup! Visit us at Table 17 at the Stanford Engineering Opportunity Job Fair.

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New Features: Buddy List and Instant Messaging!


Now there’s a whole new way to interact on Spreecast: Instant Messaging with friends on your Buddy List! See who’s online, start a conversation, and get to know your Spreecast friends even better.

How do I get people in my Buddy List?

Follow other spreecasters. When they follow you back, you will see each other in your Buddy Lists.

Can I adjust privacy settings for Chat?

Yes! You can turn off chat by clicking the wrench icon and selecting “Turn OFF Presence and Chat.” You will no longer appear online to others.

Are more features coming?

This is only the beginning. We have awesome plans for even more ways to discover conversation. Stay tuned.

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Tina Cervasio stops by Spreecast HQ for lunch with the boys

@TinaCervasio via twitter: Making myself at home at @Spreecast HQ in SanFran. @jefffluhr -Look familiar? LOL Thanx to @rhonius @kcarter80 & Spreecast for lunch!

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Santa’s first spreecast

Ron, Natalie & Keith finished up their Black Friday Shopping Spree at the Westfield San Francisco Centre with a visit to the fourth floor to meet Santa Claus. Click here to check out Santa’s first spreecast appearance. Thanks to Microsoft and Southwest Airlines for the great photos and all the helpful elves!

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