Introducing Spreecast Donations: Give Back to your Favorite Spreecasters!

Over the last couple years, Spreecast’s content creators have found innovative ways to use our interactive feature set to build genuine communities of viewers. Whether it be imparting valuable business wisdom, providing moral support or recapping last night’s game, there’s no doubt that Spreecasters have fostered unforgettable and valuable experiences for their audiences.

Today, we’re excited to announce Spreecast Donations, a new feature that will allow viewers to show their appreciation and give back, in real-time, to their favorite Spreecast content creators. On the Spreecast event page, before, during or after an event, viewers will now see a “Donate” button below the title. By clicking on that, viewers can send a dollar amount of their choice along with a personalized thank you message to content creators.

Donations made during live Spreecasts will be displayed prominently on the page, along with the accompanying note, as they occur. If a viewer makes a donation before or after the event, the content creator will receive an email with the message to make sure they feel the love!

If you’re a content creator interested in giving the Donations feature a try, check out our Help Center for some more information on how it will work or shoot us an email and we’d be happy to help get you setup!

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