Spreecast Just Got Bigger and More Interactive!

You may have noticed some big changes on Spreecast over the weekend. We rolled out some exciting new features along with a fresh redesign that gives you more interactive abilities and new producer tools to engage on a higher level with your audiences.

Here’s an in-depth look at the key features:

The Event Page just got Bigger!

One thing you’ll notice right off the bat is the increased size of the video feed. The new design takes advantage of larger screens, which puts more focus on the content and discussion at hand. As a result, the live chat has been moved to the far right and has also increased in size.

The best part is the chat is locked in place so you can freely scroll down the page without ever missing an exciting moment.

New Updates on Spreecast

Increased Interactivity

Have you ever come across a comment or question or media during a live Spreecast that you really liked or disliked?

You can now up and down vote questions, comments or media that is submitted during a Spreecast. The new screen queue not only offers you another way to contribute to the conversation but it can even help direct what the people who are on-air talk about.

For Producers, this new feature offers a more conducive way to interact with your audience by allowing you to see the most popular questions or topics they want answered or discussed.

New Updates on Spreecast

Note: For those who are curious to know how questions are ordered in the new screen queue, we use a secret-recipe algorithm that takes into account up votes, down votes, and a couple of other factors. The order of the questions will update every 10 seconds to ensure you have the most up-to-date content.


Friendlier and More Intuitive Design

To support the overall flow of the new event page, some key features have been relocated to a more intuitive location.

The Faceblock, which is now called the Viewer List, is located to the right of the video feed under the chat. To see the full viewer list you can click the Viewers tab at the top right of the page.

For Producers, the Viewer List locks in place so you will be able to see and manage viewer actions like camera requests at all times.

New Updates on Spreecast

Note: The Viewer List shows up to 100 people and is categorized by user status (on-air, camera request, viewers). If there are more than 100 people, you can always click the ‘see all’ link at the end of the viewer list to see everyone in the Spreecast.

A small but important change we have made is that any questions and comments that are brought on screen will now appear above the video instead of over the video, which previously interfered with the people on-air.

The new screen queue has been moved from the bottom right of the page to directly below the video for easier access. While we’re exploring the screen queue, here are a few additional updates relevant for Producers:

  • To access the action controls for items in the screen queue such as delete, put on air, and star, simply mouse over the item.
  • You can now filter the screen queue based on what you’ve starred, which will ease the process of combing through the screen queue to find your favorite items.

NOTE: This new filter is only visible to Producers and will not affect what viewers see.

New Updates on Spreecast

  • One last thing to mention is that we have placed the Producer settings and controls next to each other so you will be able to access them all in one place. The settings are now located at the top of the page along with similar controls such as the “Go Live” button.

Spreecast is all about interactivity and connecting people through engaging conversations. We hope that the new layout and intuitive design, along with the screen queue voting feature, will further enhance your Spreecast experience. To get started on using the new features, visit the Spreecast Knowledge Base for further details!

Have any burning questions or comments about the new design? Team Spreecast will be hosting a series of live Q&A’s throughout the week to address any questions and discuss the latest changes with you, our wonderful community!

Coming Soon to Spreecast Live Chat

Join us for our first event and be sure to follow our channel for notifications on our next events.

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  • http://jacksonandwilson.com/ Mitch Jackson

    Excellent improvements. Can’t wait to try them all out on my upcoming Spreecast this Thursday and with Chris Brogan on May 1st. Two thumbs up and thanks so much for all that you do!

    • Spreecast

      Thank you so much, Mitch! Looking forward to your upcoming events!

    • Ella Rucker

      @mitch jackson , loved the promo! Chris Brogan is a great guest 🙂

      • خالد


      • http://jacksonandwilson.com/ Mitch Jackson

        Looking forward to Thursday morning. Hope you can join us!

  • Christine Frietchen

    The new design looks pretty, and I like the voting, but there is a major, major issue — any questions over about 25 words simply cannot be viewed, AT ALL until you put them on air. That means as an admin I’m unable to preview longer questions/comments. They could be 30 words, or 100 words — I have no way of knowing. So I’m forced to bypass what could be good questions because there is no way for me to preview them. I really hope this can be fixed — some kind of “expand” function for longer comments would be fine.

    • Spreecast

      Hi Christine!

      Thanks so much for the feedback. Currently, you can view a long question by mousing/hovering over it. After a second or 2, the full question should appear in a pop-up tool tip.

      Hope this helps and Happy Spreecasting!

      • Christine Frietchen

        I’m afraid that does not work. The mouse hover sometimes shows only an extra word or two. It does not show the whole comment, unfortunately.

        • Spreecast

          What browser are you using?

          • Christine Frietchen

            Firefox, latest version. I actually spoke to someone over there about it — and was told it was a “known issue” and that there were no plans to fix

          • Spreecast

            Thanks for the update, Christine! The tooltip is something we added recently to help with the questions getting cut off. We are constantly thinking of ways to improve the product and appreciate your feedback very much. Could you try refreshing to see if it helps? If possible, would you mind trying Google Chrome to see if the problem persists?