Spreecast Spotlight: Chris Green from ScanPower!

If you were on Spreecast two weeks ago, you may have noticed a particular event on our homepage slider. The special ‘15 Hour Marathon Fund Raiser for Toys For Tots‘ was a LIVE charity event that proved to be a huge success for Chris Green from ScanPower, the mastermind behind the effort.

We caught up with Chris to talk about his experience from start to finish with the fundraising effort and were humbled by his interview.

Meet Chris Green from ScanPower

When did you join Spreecast and how did you hear about it?

“I saw an interview with Jeff a while back. Then I saw Gary Vaynerchuk’s 7 hour book promotion Spreecast and I was hooked. I had been doing a bi-weekly ScanPower Radio show on LiveStream and converted to Spreecast in September after testing some features and testing audience engagement. Wish I had done it sooner!”

Could you tell us a little about ScanPower?

“ScanPower is a third party service for online sellers, primarily Amazon sellers. We make mobile pricing apps and web-based listing and repricing tools. We help our users and market our products by providing awesome, useful content. In addition to broadcasting our radio show twice a week, we run a large Facebook Group for online sellers, and I also published a book about the business model that ScanPower supports.

What inspired you to do the EPIC 15 Hour Toys For Tots Fund Raiser and what was your ultimate goal?

“We have been doing the ScanPower Radio show for a few years now. We had the idea for a 24-hour show to raise money for charity but had never done it. Having guests come on using LiveStream was pretty tedious so it was put on the back burner. Once we converted to Spreecast, the idea for a marathon-type show made a lot more sense again. The ultimate goal was to try something new while providing value to our audience, raising money for a good cause, and having fun along the way.”

How did you execute the idea for both the Indigogo and the LIVE Spreecast?

“I’d like to think that I have a pretty good feel for our audience and I was sure that they would want to donate but it would have to be SIMPLE. I also wanted to be sure that it was simple not just for the people who donate and get their tax deductible donation paperwork, but also for us in terms of fulfilling different perk levels. I had recently setup another Indiegogo campaign that failed miserably and was only 1.5% funded! But that experience helped me understand the Indiegogo platform and how it could be used. I previously looked at KickStarter and while it may be more well-known, they are not as open as to the types of projects that end up on their site. Indiegogo actually has a setting specifically for non-profits; all you have to do is enter a non-profit’s EIN number and they do the rest. Indiegogo collects the funds and disperses the funds (simple!). At the end, we got an Excel file of perks and funders. It was really very simple and anyone could do this same setup. Being able to post the clickable link on the Spreecast video really helped drive traffic.”

What was the progression like in terms of engagement and donations during the live Spreecast?

“We actually had a lot of people donate before the Spreecast even started! I think it was $3,000 or $4,000 donated before 9 am. We had some great perks donated by our guests and as soon as the Indiegogo page went live, people started to donate. Some of the perks were limited in number, so there was a sense of urgency. Next year, we’ll have a better understanding of what people want so we’ll be able to plan the perks more in advance. Once the Spreecast was going, donations came in pretty steadily. We had about 230 people pretty steadily throughout the day. Fewer at the beginning and at the end as people were waking up and going to bed, but it was higher than I expected. We had a lot of people who said that they stuck with us for ALL 15 hours. I was very impressed and very thankful for them.”

How far into the Spreecast did you achieve your Indigogo goal?

“We met our goal of $15,000 around 8 PM. So 11 hours into the 15 hour show.”

What advice would you give to others who are thinking of doing their own live fundraising event on Spreecast?

“Think about your audience and understand what it is that they want. Are they the type to sit in front of a computer screen during the day? night? all day? Would they just listen in the background? What kind of perks can you offer? How can people donate? Do they get their tax deductible paperwork? How much ‘work’ will you have to do after the show in terms of fulfillment and follow up? Not all fundraisers will be the same, but I can’t recommend Indiegogo enough in terms of simplicity if choosing a non-profit for which to raise funds. The setup was easy, people could donate and get their tax forms with ease, and the forms that we got at the end to handle perk fulfillment were simple. And they handle all of the funds. I highly recommend ‘just doing it’. Really, the worst case scenario would be ‘not raising enough money’ or ‘technical difficulty crashing’. But no matter what happens, it can all be attributed to a learning curve and used to improve the next attempt. Our was awesome and I’m so happy with how it turned out, but even now after actually doing a marathon fundraising show, I see ways that we could have done things better that we will be sure to improve upon for the next one. Using Spreecast to deliver the content or entertainment that goes alongside the fundraiser is by far (in my opinion) the easiest and least expensive way to deliver the information and keeping it simple and easy for the audience to watch, listen, or participate. This is bigger than people may think about it; it has to be EASY if you want people to do it. Facebook login, instant chatroom, webcam and mic, etc. Other setups would either cost more money to use or be cumbersome for listeners to use.”

What can we look forward to from Scanpower and Chris Green on Spreecast?

“You’ll see more ScanPower Radio Spreecasts and hopefully more shows with more guests! Currently, Spreecast is the best way that I have found to help people and create context at any type of scale while at the same time building up a library of useful content for your audience. So many times I would have a phone conversation with somebody that would be considered golden content, but it was never recorded so the info was lost (or tedious to replicate). I would rather do a customer service call or inquiry on Spreecast to record and offer playback to some great info. We’ve started to do this with some brainstorming Spreecasts. So more channels, more shows, more guests, more content!”


Join us for a live chat with Chris this Wednesday, December 4th at 1pm PST/4pm EST to discuss his recent success and more!


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